Passion, love & tenderness


Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 promo (x)

The day I b u m p e d into you, my life took a turn for the b e t t e r

Stefan Salvatore & Body Appreciation

Stefan: You know what? Why don’t you guys go ahead and take a first spin?
Matt: Really?
Stefan: Yeah.
(Matt and Caroline are going into the car. Stefan and Elena look at them. Stefan embraces Elena)
Stefan: You’re alright?
Elena: If it’s not vampires its girlfriends.

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"Oh no, I love working with you. I love you. I do love you."

If heaven’s  g r i e f  brings  hell’s reign, then I’d trade a l l  my tomorrows for just one y e s t e r d a y.

make me choose: anonymous asked: forwood dances or stelena dances

"It will be an h o n o u r to company you,Mrs Gilbert”

 In 1987 you were in Chicago. At a concert, of all places, with that wench, Lexi. Come on, Stefan, don’t look so surprised. Of course I checked in on you over the years. You were standing in the front row, dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi, and I was watching you.